Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friendship Centres' Happenings

The St. John’s Native Friendship Centre is very busy preparing for National Aboriginal Day.

David Penner is the Executive Director for the centre.

He says they will have an early sunrise ceremony at 6:30am at Bannerman Park.

He says they will hold family events all throughout the day.

David says in other news, Eastern Health has agreed to fund the Aboriginal Patient Navigator program until March of 2011.

And meanwhile at the Labrador Friendship Center rug hooking is bringing youth and elders together.

Patricia Flemings is the Community Development Cultural Worker for the centre.

She says the youth and seniors are working on rug hooking.

Mrs. Barb Wood is teaching them the art.

There are fourteen people involved in this craft work.

She says the goal is to get youth and seniors together.

Flemings adds once they are finished with their crafts, they will take them home.

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