Friday, June 4, 2010

Bell Aliant Addressing Phone Problems

Nain residents are growing tired of the problems with their telephone service.

Further to that, they are growing tired of the time it takes for those problems to be repaired.

Suzanne Ford has been without a telephone for a while now.

She says she’s been experiencing problems with her phone since May 23.

At first there was a static sound on the line and the next day the line went completely dead.

She says she contacted Bell Aliant and they told her they would be there on June 23 to fix the problem; nearly a month later.

Ford isn’t alone in her frustration.

Other residents in the community have been experiencing similar problems.

Well Ford can breathe a sigh of relief because the repair crew will be here sooner than expected.

Wayne Sheppard is the Regional Manager with Bell Aliant.

He says they are aware of the issues residents are dealing with in Nain.

There have been problems with getting crews in due to weather delays.

Those delays forced them to adjust their schedule, increasing wait times.

Sheppard says that Bell Aliant is planning to arrive in Nain on Monday and will not leave until all the problems are addressed.

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