Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Torngat Arts and Craft Incorporated (TACI) in Nain is still busy.

Molly Shiwak is a Board member of TACI.

She says last Monday; their special events coordinator Sarah Karpik finished her four week temporary position with TACI.

Karpik will soon submit her final report.

Shiwak says on June 8th, TACI held a board meeting and the items on the agenda were:

- Financial and Funding Update
- Buying and Selling
- Cruise Newfoundland and Labrador
- Tukisinnik Research Forum
- Scheduling for the next Board meeting

Shiwak says because one of their Board members is away until July 3rd.

Their next Board meeting won’t take place until July 5th.

She says positive feedback from the Tukisinnik Research Forum held recently in Nain was received.

During the forum, TACI hosted an event on culture and the lunch breaks.

Shiwak says from a business stand point, sales are steady.

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