Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nain RCMP to Step-Up Patrols Following Vandalism

Nain RCMP members are planning to increase patrols in a certain area of Nain following an incident last night.

Constable Kenny is with the Nain detachment.

He says they received a call at around 9pm last night of a disturbance at the OKalaKatiget office.

Arriving on the scene, the officers discovered a 20 year-old male on top of the building.

After they instructed the male to get down he proceeded to scale the shed behind the building.

Kenny says the young man was arrested and is now facing three charges: causing a disturbance, breach of probation and resisting arrest.

The young man was released with a court date.

Kenny says the area is a popular hangout for youth in the evenings.

They have received reports of vandalism in the area before.

Leah Ikkusek is the Executive Director with the OKalaKatiget Society.

She says she is all too familiar with these types of incidents.

She reminds the public that there are security cameras located on the building which could aid in identifying these people.

Ikkusek adds that parents may be held responsible for any damages done by these youth.

Kenny says that loitering in this area will no longer be tolerated.

Anybody doing so could possibly face charges.


  1. We need the RCMP to Step-Up Patrols here in Hopedale, especially the Amaguk Inn where children and teenagers hang-out, not only do they hang out but are drunk and disorderly like adults, bawling, fighting, making a lot of noise and disturbing surrounding homes!!!

  2. The RCMP should patrol the whole community, not just a certain part.