Thursday, June 3, 2010

TRHA Update; Rigolet & Makkovik Housing Selections

Rigolets and Makkoviks local housing committees had made their final selections for new homes.

William Lucy is the Coordinator for the Torngat Regional Housing Association.

Lucy says Brandon Sheppard and Karen Wolfrey were selected for a new 3 bedroom home.

Crystle Michelin and Byron Dyson will be getting a new 2 bedroom house.

While Travis and Janet Palliser were given a house that was turned back over to TRHA.

Lucy says Margaret Penny and Amos Mitsuk of Makkovik is selected to have a new 3 bedroom unit.

Tanya Broomfield and Darrell Voisey will also get a new 3 bedroom house.

A rental duplex will be constructed there as well.

He says there are no decisions on renovations for the coast.

Lucy adds that there is still no decision as to who will receive the house that was turned back over to TRHA in Hopedale.


  1. I really believe that duplex's being build must be built with sound barriers if Nunatsiavut and Torngat housing are going to use this route as a means to provide people with homes in the near future. after all they are rental units and everyone and anyone that lives in them deserve their personal privacy protected.

  2. This is a real good idea by Torngat Housing. This way, if people fail to meet payments and then having to undergo the long process (turning the home back over to TRHA) to select for another person the following season.

    With apartments, they can easily vacate the unit and get someone else in there quickly.

    However the one topic that needs to be addressed is: Fuel Tank Replacements.

    For those living in TRHA houses, wouldn't it be more simple if TRHA would replace the old/obsolete tanks? Then TRHA would get the rebate and all is fine and dandy!

    Another food for though! Why can't TRHA put a freeze on housing construction for Rigolet, Postville and Makkovik? Let/help the larger communities of Hopedale and Nain reduce their crisis. Have a 5 year freeze, but have the regular season workers move to Nain and Hopedale to help construct. This will still keep employment. Then go back to construction for all communities on the North Coast of Labrador.

  3. Isn't it defeating the purpose of people having homes, kicking them out for late or obselete payments.huh!,Duplex's are fine no argument therev- but people who had lived in them have their privacy invaded by poor construction, and close proximity with for the water tank idea, I'd support that any day good thinking.