Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Residential Schooling Class Action Law Suit to Go Ahead

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador has given the nod for the Residential Schooling lawsuit to proceed.

A press release was sent to OK Radio.

Judge Robert Fowler says in the release that the class action lawsuit met all of the requirements under the Newfoundland Class Action Act.

The classification overview of this case is:

This class proceeding concerns allegations of sexual and physical abuse at five Residential Schools located in the province.

Former Inuit and Metis students were neglected, and suffered devastation of their cultural and family relationships.

It is alleged that the Canadian Government, had the full responsibility for these residents after Newfoundland and Labrador joined Confederation in 1949.

The five schools in issue are:

The Lockwood School, located in Cartwright;

The Nain Boarding School, in Nain;

The St. Anthony Orphanage and Boarding School, in St. Anthony;

The Makkovik Boarding School, in Makkovik and the Yale School, in Northwest River.

Steven Cooper was unable to be contacted for further details on the matter.

Cooper is a partner for the Law firm Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper and the defense lawyer for the case.

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  1. The website do not exist, I've been trying to get into the sight since this post. maybe there's a mistake in the name of the engine??? please help.

  2. My apologies! I left out an 'e' for the website address! Here is two is the homepage of the website and the other is the link to the actual page that provides the overview of the case.

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