Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rigolet Groomer Too Big to Store

The community of Rigolet couldn’t be happier when they heard they are getting a new groomer this past year.

Just one little problem: they have nowhere to store the expensive piece of machinery.

Sarah Blake is the Town Manager with the Rigolet Inuit Community Government (RICG).

She says the existing storage facility used to store the town’s groomer doesn’t have the capacity to house the new groomer.

Blake says that it isn’t possible to leave the $260,000 piece of equipment outside.

The RICG is now in the process of approaching the provincial government for funds to upgrade its current storage facility.

Blake says that if the province refuses to provide the funding, they will have to look for other sources.

And as a last resort, the RICG may have to store the groomer in the town garage.

But, Blake says, this route would leave other machinery open to the elements.

The RICG is expecting the new groomer either sometime this shipping season or possibly in the winter when ice conditions allow the groomer to travel.

The groomer was expected last winter but had been put in storage in Happy Valley-Goose Bay due to ice conditions.

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