Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA) ordering for new materials is almost done.

William Lucy is the Coordinator of the TRHA.

He says everything for new housing and homes that were turned back over to TRHA have been ordered.

With the majority of their shelving materials purchased last April.

Lucy says housing inspections are taking place for the north coast to determine the cost of repairs.

Once done, a written report will be sent to all of the communities’ housing committees.

He says those housing committees will then make the final order for those materials.

Lucy says last Monday he spoke with their building supplier.

That was the same day the marine shipping season opened everywhere except for Labradors North Coast.

The supplier says no freight will be accepted at the Lewisporte wharf until the ice conditions in Nunatsiavut clear.

Labrador Marine Inc. can then open the shipping schedule for accepting freight to Nunatsiavut.

In other TRHA news.

Lucy says the total financial details to this year’s home repairs of both their regular annual budget and monies from the Nunatsiavut Government combined are:

Nain - $193,287
Hopedale - $98,721
Postville - $120,000
Makkovik - $25,000
Rigolet - $55,000

He says, as for when homeowners can move into the homes that were turned back over to TRHA, it will depend on the shipping system.

And when the workers can work on the units.

Lucy says next Monday, June 21st, Hopedale’s TRHA crew will go back to work.

Because of the shipping schedule put on hold for Nunatsiavut, the crews in Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet will have to wait.

He says Ray Fords Construction; the contractor in Nain has started some minor work.

They are currently building wheelchair ramps for some homes in the community.

Lucy adds it will be up to Ray Ford to determine when the Nain crews will begin seasonal work.

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