Thursday, June 24, 2010

Residential Schooling Update - Part 1 of 2

Earlier this month, Judge Robert Fowler decided that the Residential Schooling Class Action lawsuit will continue.

Steven Cooper from the Ahlstrom Wright Oliver and Cooper law firm in Sherwood Park, Alberta, is the lawyer.

He says in the light of all of this, they’ve won round one, but there are still a number of rounds left.

Now it is up to the Government of Canada as to what happens next.

But this case will go to trial unless the Government decides to settle out of court.

He says with this Class Action being so large, a trial date is not expected to happen until 2012.

Cooper adds that the former students are not getting any younger or healthier, and hopes the Federal Government can resolve this now.

Today and tomorrow, we will speak with Cooper about the Residential Schooling case.

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