Friday, January 15, 2010

What's Up at the Nain Stores?

The Satellite System has become very useful at the Northern Store in Nain since the internet and phone lines went out six days ago.

Boyd Manual is the Northern Store Manager.

He says when it was first installed in the new Store in 2009 this system was not likely to be useful, but it sure is now.

Manual says the business at the store and customers coming and going is about the same.

But if it wasn’t for the satellite system the store would be in dire straits too, meaning they would be without debit machines or internet.

He says customers have been able to get cash out through the debit machine or use their Visa and Bank Cards.

To find out more on what else is happening at the other local stores we got in contact with Herman Webb the General Manager of Haynes Store.

He says the main thing he misses is the fax machine which he uses to make orders from out of town.

Regarding other businesses around town, Canada Post and the Bank of Montreal’s debit machines are also completely out of order.

Kathy Ford is the Postmaster.

She did not want to go on air, but she did mention that people can make money orders to anywhere, but with cash only. However, there is no way they can give any cash out to anyone.

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