Friday, January 15, 2010

Cigarette Power Walls

For anyone who is a smoker, you may have noticed that cigarettes have been removed from the public eye since New Year’s Day.

This is because of new guidelines to help discourage people from smoking.

Carla Pamak works for Big Land Grocery in Nain.

She says Health & Community Services released a statement about the new guidelines.

It said that all cigarette power walls were to be removed, meaning that cigarettes are no longer allowed to be displayed for the public to see.

Along with that, there are a few other restrictions as well.

Pamak says each retailer cannot post signs that say they sell cigarettes outside their store, but they can advertise it within their store.

But even so, they have to follow a few guidelines if they wish to advertise.

Pamak says signs can only be in black and white lettering and can only be a certain size and a maximum of three signs per store can be displayed.

On those signs, only the price can be advertised. Meaning they cannot list which brands the store carries.

Pamak says if a store does not follow these guidelines, they will be penalized with a fine and a suspension of their license.

And that’s only for the first offence. If they’re caught displaying cigarettes again, the punishment only gets more severe.

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