Friday, January 15, 2010

Daycare Centre Update

The Pigutsavik Day Care Centre in Nain has seven toddler seats available.

We spoke to Nicole Dicker who is the Day Care Operator for Pigutsavik Centre.

She says applications can be picked up at the centre for any parent wanting their child to attend.

And for any parent who needs financial assistance, they’re to apply through child care services.

Dicker says the staff looks at what the parents want and try to plan things from there.

She says there are currently three toddlers, eight three to four year olds and eight children in Kindergarten enrolled.

Dicker says the fee for a child is $10.00 per day, and $5.00 for half a day.

She says the children are taught Inuttitut words at circle time.

Dicker adds the children have morning and afternoon snacks and dinner is also provided.

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