Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hydro Bills

As if the strain of Christmas isn’t hard enough on the pockets, residents have been hit hard with high hydro bills.

Some residents of Nain received their NL Hydro bills recently and to their surprise their bill was extremely high.

For example one residents’ bill was $399.81.

We spoke with Patty Pottle, MHA of the Torngat Mountains District and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

She says everything is going to be a priority, but the first thing she has to do is to contact NL Hydro to see what is going on with everyone’s hydro bill.

And Pottle says this will be something that she is going to work on immediately.

After we spoke with Pottle this morning, Bill Nippard, Manager for NL Hydro was contacted this afternoon.

He says this is due to Hydro giving low estimated power usage for the months of October, November and December.

And the reasons for estimating the power usage were based on the malfunctioning diesel plant and the workers not being able to properly read meters.

Nippard apologizes to those who may have unfortunately received extremely high bills for the month of January.

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