Thursday, January 28, 2010

Makkovik Labrador Winter Games

There are now only 37 days remaining until the 2010 Labrador Winter Games celebration in Happy Valley.

Over the last few weeks we spoke to some of the coastal communities about the Labrador winter games and have yet to speak to a few other towns along the coast.

Travis Dyson is the Coordinator for Makkovik’s Labrador Winter Games team.

He says the team need to raise an amount of 4,800 dollars, and the 17 athletes are expected to contribute most of that by raising 250 dollars individually.

Dyson says the team has received a donation of five hundred dollars from the Nunatsiavut Government’s Community Recreation Fund.

They are waiting for a response from the Makkovik trust fund for another donation for the team.

The optional games picked are: Volley ball, floor hockey, badminton, and table tennis.

Team athletes are as follows: Trent Pottle is captain of the team and Dion Voisey, Rex Voisey, Perry Edmunds, Reg Andersen, Joey Jacque, and Cory Pottle are the other male athletes.

The Girls team consists of: Andrea Andersen, Jessica Winters, Michele Dyson, Betty Jararuse, Holly Andersen, Colleen Andersen, Nina Ford, Mary B Andersen, and Ruth Broomfield.

Athletes participating in various events practice as follows: snowshoe participants practice 6 nights a week, volley ball practices are 3-4 times weekly; Badminton practices are 4 nights a week, and triathlon athletes practice 6 days a week.

Dyson adds that they are still in the process of picking a team for floor hockey.

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