Monday, January 18, 2010

Dorothy Joy

In Moncton New Brunswick two Sunday’s ago, Dorothy Joy, a young woman from Labrador was a victim of a serious car crash.

And after four days of being in a coma, the Joy family was sadly forced to pull the plug.

Because of the huge distance between Moncton and Goose Bay, the cost of getting the late Dorothy Joy home is very expensive.

So in an effort to relieve that expense, a facebook group was created called “Bring Dorothy Joy home…To be with all her family.”

With 968 people joining the group, many are providing their support with sympathetic messages, uploading of pictures of Joy, and asking of donations.

Also, the facebook group had advertised that a Luncheon was held at the Kinsmen Centre this past Saturday in Goose Bay.

Richard Joy, the oldest brother of Dorothy and a member of the facebook group, left a special thank you message to everyone who helped out with the Luncheon, and said that $4800 was raised.

In a latest posting from that group, a question of whether or not enough money was raised is posted.

And in a response to that question, it is believed that enough money was raised to bring Joy home and cover the funeral costs.

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