Friday, January 15, 2010

First Young Men's Day Meeting

This year, the Moravian Churches annual Inuit traditional event called ‘Young Men’s Day’ in Nain is on Monday, January 25.

The first meeting in preparation of this special occasion was held last evening at the Community Hall at 7:00pm.

This year there was a good turnout of 15 single men, and like in years prior, attracted newcomers who are very interested in experiencing this special day.

Richard Haye is the AngajukKâk for the ‘Young Men’s Day’, and his Assistant is Elias Obed.

Haye says to-date there are five boys who turned 15 years old in 2009 whom will experience what this traditional day is all about.

He says another meeting is scheduled for the young men tonight at the Community Hall at 7:00pm.

Tomorrow we’ll have more information on what is being prepared, what the cost is to join and what other issues they met about.

Also, depending on whether or not long distance telecommunications are restored by tomorrow, we hope to get more information from the other communities who hold the traditional days like this one.

For instance ‘Young Men’s Day’ and the ‘Young Women’s Day’ in Hopedale are on the same day.

And just recently, the Moravian Church in Happy Valley - Goose Bay has been attempting to schedule their first ever ‘Young Men’s Day’ on January 25th.

So keep tuning into our station for the latest here in Nain, and if all works out well with long distance calling coming back in service, we’ll check with those other communities’ plans and events.

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