Friday, January 22, 2010

Aurora Energy Community Sessions

Over the past two weeks in the Nunatsiavut communities, Aurora Energy Resources Inc. held public consultation meetings.

This morning, Andrea Marshall the Media Relations for Aurora, contacted us with an update.

She said these meetings went very well in all of the communities, with an average of between 30 to 50 people attending.

The meetings revolved around the latest press release from Bruce Dumville, the President and CEO of Aurora.

The release predicts monies, employment and the lifeline of a mine at Michelin Lake.

Marshall says the lifeline is based on current deposits of uranium discovered and will result in 22 years of work after the Moratorium.

The 22 years will consist of 3 years of construction, 17 and ½ years of operation and 1 and ½ years of dismantling.

She says other subjects in the press release and community consultations discussed were the amount of employment, monies to all levels of governments and a regional overview.

Regarding employment, there will be 700 construction jobs and 400 on-site operations jobs.

Lastly, Marshall thanks all of those who came to the meetings. She adds that this was their 4th series of community consultation meetings, and they will be back again.

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