Friday, January 15, 2010


When are the downed cable, phone lines and internet going to come back to working order?

The cable system has been gone since December 28 in Nain, and the phones and internet also gone since January 6.

There has been no communication from out of town by phone or emails on computers and internet, except for news on CBC radio and on TV cable the two channels that are left that people can watch are just CBC and APTN.

This is aside of the residents who got dishes to watch their shows.

The whole community still waits for repair persons or technicians to arrive, there have been 3 flights in so far this morning, but right now as we speak we can’t even say if the technicians got in or will get in today.

So today on our AtjiKangitut show at 2:30 pm we’ll speak with 3 residents from Nain about how they feel about the downed communication in town.

Stay tuned to hear Krissy Holwell the airstrip operator, a senior Christine Baikie, and Ashley Edmunds the membership clerk with Nunatsiavut Government.

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