Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nain Networks Project Update

There has been some research going on in Nain in the past week.

The research has been titled “Akkunaptingni” meaning Amongst Us.

Kirk Dombrowski is a Professor of Anthropology at the City University in New York and he is the Project Director for the research.

He says so far he along with Fran Williams, the Community Liaison/Interpreter have conducted 14 interviews.

Dombrowski adds that he has touched on topics regarding housing, the economy, health care and youth issues.

He says their research will be sent to Nunatsiavut Government and Labrador Grenfell Health in order to find help in these areas.

Once someone is interviewed they receive $30 dollars.

He says he has a coupon referral system; when a person is interviewed they are given 3 coupons to give away in which they receive an additional $10 for every person who is referred by them.

Dombrowski adds that he hopes to have approximately four to five hundred people interviewed by the time he is done in May.

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