Friday, January 15, 2010

Aliant Update

Like many residents in Nunatsiavut, we here at the OKâlaKatigêt Society are counting the days without long distance phoning, internet and everything else affected in between.

It is now day seven, and we’ve noticed two sides of the effects of not having telecommunications into the outside world.

One is just plain and simply putting up or coping with it, while the second is becoming increasingly frustrated.

To try and settle some of those frayed nerves, this morning we contacted Frank Andersen, Director of Information and Technology for the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says he did get an update from Aliant, and it’s looking better for residents in Nunatsiavut.

Andersen says people could have their long distance calling back sometime tonight. If not, the realistic forecast will be tomorrow afternoon or early evening.

Right now, Aliant still does not have the temporary link established between Rigolet and North West River in a specific area between Double Mer and Mulligan.

He says once the temporary connection is established, Aliant will switch over onto the new circuits.

Andersen concluded that when long distance calling is back in service, residents will still be without internet connectivity.

This is because Aliant’s main focus is long distance re-connectivity, and once that is re-established, they’ll work on getting back internet services.

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