Friday, January 29, 2010

Inuaggualuit Update

The Inuaggualuit Center in Hopedale is very busy this year.

We spoke to Marjorie Flowers, the Team Leader for the Department of Health and Social Development.

Flowers says the purpose of the centre is to teach babies Inuttitut, so they are only spoken to in the native Inuit language.

She says there are three little girls enrolled in this Inuttitut program from ages eight to nine months.

According to Flowers, they are understanding the Inuttitut language now and one little girl can speak a little.

There are three Inuttitut teachers there to teach them.

Flowers says the parents or grandparents have to be there as well for one hour a day or five hours a week in total.

The funding for the centre was provided by the Department of Health and Social Development and Torngâsok Cultural Centre.

Flowers says they also held an Injury Prevention workshop this week with their department and the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

They are also helping with the young men’s and women’s day that will be held tomorrow, when sixty boys and girls will have their day.

She says the DHSD will cook for them and for themselves, as well.

Flowers adds there will be two church services at 10am and 3pm. CYN and Recreation will have activities for them after their meals.

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