Friday, January 15, 2010

Hamel & AngajukKâk's

Yesterday we spoke with two of the local store managers in town, one from the Northern and Haynes Store.

But unfortunately, we did not speak with Albert Hamel, the Manager of the Big Land Groceries store till after 3pm.

Like many other businesses around town, this store too did not have their internet and debit machines working.

And with the long distance phone lines finally back in service as of late yesterday afternoon we decided to contact the other communities in Nunatsiavut about what their living situation was like without outside communications.

To find out just what those towns were going through, we spoke with their AngajukKâk of their local Inuit Community Government Offices.

They will all talk about what it was like during those 8 days of not having outside telephone and internet connection to the world.

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