Friday, January 15, 2010

Nain Winter Games Team

A week and a half from today, all of the communities in Labrador attending the 2010 Labrador Winter Games are to submit the number of athletes attending.

Reggie Maggo is the Coordinator for the Nain Amaguks team.

He says on January 19th, along with the number of athletes to be submitted, he is to register the ‘Optional Games’ they are to participate in.

Then on January 30th, Maggo says the final submission of the Athletes, Mandatory Games and everything else, is to be registered.

Until then, they’re still holding scheduled practices, holding fund raising events and screening out of dedicated and undedicated individuals.

Screening is done by giving an individual a strike for every scheduled practice and fund raiser missed, in no particular order and totaling three.

In our last reporting on the Nain Amaguks team, Maggo said four male and four female were pre-selected to go to Goose Bay for the games.

He says now one of those pre-selected females has been given the three strikes and is bumped to the bottom of the list.

However, Maggo says she now has once again; fight to get a spot on the team back.

With telecommunications still currently down, we here at OKâlaKatigêt Radio are unable to contact any of the other Nunatsiavut communities for an update.

And until communications are back in working order, keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for the latest developments.

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