Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cable System Still Down

All Eastlink customers in Nain still wait to see their channels back on screen on their televisions.

The cable system went down on Monday, December 28 for the whole town, after the occurrence of an abrupt power outage.

The residents can only receive channels 9 and 12 since then.

A cable system repair technician was to come to Nain on December 31st, but due to weather conditions later that day the flight cancelled out.

So today it’s been a week and a day to keep watching the 2 channels, APTN and CBC.

We got in contact with Eastlink customer service in Halifax, Nova Scotia again this morning, and according to them a technician waits for the weather conditions to improve.

But still the weather forecast does not look good for any flights to get in for a few more days.

But there is good news for Eastlink customers here in Nain, Halifax says a credit will be given to people who are serviced with cable, because it’s not right for the residents to have waited long with only two channels to watch.

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