Friday, January 15, 2010

Aliant Update

After eight days without long distance phone services and internet connectivity, residents from Makkovik to Nain finally received a portion of restoration.

Late yesterday afternoon, all communities North of Rigolet were pleased to have long distance phoning back in working order.

And in some cases, some businesses and healthcare facilities also received internet services.

In attempts to get clarification from Bell Aliant, we tried contacting the Administrative Offices in Goose Bay, only to find out by a Voice Mail recording, they are currently traveling Labrador’s North Coast.

So we then contacted the general Internet Technician through Aliant’s toll free line.

The technician said his Supervisor received an email at around 7:00am this morning stating Aliant Technicians are currently onsite working to resolve the entire internet situation.

No confirmation dates were provided in the email, but once re-connected, an entire system would undergo a 15 – 20 minute reboot.

As soon as any new information arises, we here at OKâlaKatigêt Radio will update you with the breaking news!

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