Friday, January 15, 2010

Flights In/Out of Nain

Along with there being no cable, no long distance phoning and internet connectivity, Nain also has not seen a plane a days.

Many people have been stuck home trying to get back to College/University or back to work.

With no one getting out, nothing comes in either. So, we haven’t received any mail or food by mail since the planes stopped flying.

We contacted both airlines to find out when their planes last landed here in Nain.

Wilma Hay-Jenkins is a ticket agent for Innu Mikun/Provincial Airlines.

She says her last flight was on Sunday, January 3rd.

Hay-Jenkins adds that only one flight made it in out of the two possible flights.

She says only one flight made it in due to poor weather margins.

Air Labrador on the other hand has not seen a plane since last year!

Stephanie McIntosh is a ticket agent for Air Labrador.

She says her last flight was on December 31st.

Hopefully, today will be the day that Nain witnesses a plane or two, and hopefully the technicians for EastLink and Bell Aliant make it in as well!

After we last spoke with the ticket agents, four flights have made it to Nain.

Although these planes landed, we could not confirm if the Eastlink or Aliant technicians have arrived.

Keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for the latest details of our cable and telecommunications loss.

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