Friday, January 15, 2010

Activties at the Gym on Nalujuk's Night

Nalujuks Day is celebrated on January 6th, this is a special and big event that takes place in Nain.

We spoke to Joan Dicker one of the Inuktitut teachers in Nain.

She says the Nalujuks were at the Jens Haven Memorial School Gym from 7 until 8:30pm that evening.

Dicker says there was a really good turnout of close to 400 people to come and see the 3 Nalujuks.

She says when they entered the gym they shook every ones hands, this was while the brass band played in the background.

The children were all given goodie bags.

Dicker says after that a few games were played, children played first and then the adults both men and women challenging the monkey dance, and musical chairs.

She says Jennifer Jararuse was the winner in the adult’s monkey dance; she won a naulak, and Simone Kolmeister was the lucky winner in the adult women’s musical chairs, she won a straw broom.

And Derrick Dicker was the winner in the men’s musical chairs, he won a mop.

Dicker says everyone joined in singing Surutsit and the Nalujuit tossed candy out to the children.

The organizers would like to thank everyone who helped out and those who took part, and especially to the brass band players.

And many thanks to the Nain Inuit Community Government, Big Land Grocery, Haynes’ store for their generous donations.

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