Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cartwright Labrador Winter Games

Cartwright has picked their team to attend the 2010 Labrador Winter Games.

We spoke to Sheila Morris, the President of the Cartwright Labrador
Winter Games committee.

Morris says the team listing of 17 athletes has been complete since December 2009.

The team consists of 9 females and 8 male athletes.

She says the uniforms are Orange and come with a wide variety of hats, shirts and coats.

The Optional games include: Darts, snowmobile race, table tennis and ball hockey.

The 6 member committee has been fundraising continuously since it started up in September.

The Committee is responsible for picking the team; they also have to attend every practice and tryout.

Practicing is going good so far and they have been at it continuously since the team was picked.

Morris adds that there are 5 rookies this year that are really looking forward to taking part in the games.

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