Friday, October 8, 2010

TRHA Construction

Future homeowners in Nunatsiavut communities are patiently waiting to get settled into their new homes.

William Lucy is the Coordinator for the Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA).

He says the five new units in Nain all have the exterior work completed.

Three of the units have been wired and are ready for gyproc.

Lucy says the outside work is also completed for the new single mothers Duplex.

In Hopedale, the outside work has been completed for the three new units in that community.

Lucy says the outside work is also finished on the home that is being renovated in Hopedale.

In Postville there is only one new home being constructed.

It has been covered in, the roof is shingled and the crew has started the exterior siding.

Lucy says TRHA is waiting for the power to be hooked-up for the home receiving repairs.

He says TRHA is building two new houses in Makkovik.

One unit has been wired, gyproc has been placed and the outside is completed.

The second unit is covered in, the roof is done, the rooms are partitioned out and the home is ready for wiring.

Lucy says the duplex in Makkovik has the footing completed, the walls are up and it is ready for the floors to be installed.

Lucy says there are two new units being constructed in Rigolet.

The roofs are done, the rooms partitioned out and it is ready for wiring.

He says repairs in all of the communities have begun and they are waiting for more material to arrive.

Lucy says all in all, construction seems to be coming along just fine.

He estimates the work in each of the communities is about half complete.

He adds that it has been a very busy summer for the crews in each of the communities.

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