Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Makkovik Runners Place Well in Trapline Marathon

Two Makkovik Runners placed well in the Trapline Marathon over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Jerry Ford and Charlene Ford took part in the event’s 10 kilometre challenge.

133 people took part in the challenge on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

Jerry managed to finish in third place.

That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment considering this was the first time he participated in the marathon.

He says he trained for the 10 km run while preparing for this year’s fall sportsmeet.

After his team placed first in the cross-country run, they went on to the regional competition.

After a second place finish for the Wolverines at regionals, Jerry says he was in top shape.

He says the weather was good along the route which took the runners from Otter Creek to the Kinsmen Park.

After his success in the 10 km race, Jerry is preparing to participate in the Trapline half-marathon next year.

Charlene also did well.

She finished the race in 37th place.

Congratulations to both of the runners.

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