Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inuit Community Government Elections Halted

Elections of councilors for the Inuit Community Governments have been halted.

Darryl Shiwak is the First Minister of the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says the elections have been halted until the voters rolls and lists are in compliance with the Labrador Inuit Constitution, Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement and the Inuit Community Government.

Inuit Community Councilors who are already serving through acclamation will no longer serve on the council.

Any decision made by a council containing a councilor serving through acclamation will be rescinded.

The incumbent councilors will continue to serve on the council until an election is held.

Nunatsiavut’s Chief Electoral Officer will be meeting with each of the community’s returning officers to ensure the voters rolls and lists have been compiled properly.

A date for the elections will be decided upon by the Nunatsiavut Executive Council.


  1. That's good, now maybe these people can fix the voting age requirements- either raise it or lower the eligibility so they can run.

  2. If the voters rolls and lists are not in order,then the election for AngajukKâk should be declared nul and void and a new election should take place.

  3. Some good points above,if you cant run in an election then you should not have a vote. People need much more information as to what is going on here, at the moment there are two votewrs lists, on for AngajukKak and one for the Inuit Community Governments, so unless the first is in a shambles that election would stand, at least that is the way it seems at moment.
    The way it has been reported to date Nain has had an illegitimate government for over 4 years.

  4. I think it would be in the best interest of all if there was some time spent on the election process itself. Our list for North West River is something that needs to be overhauled, we have people on there that no one has heard of, folks who have moved away twenty years ago, the dead and we are missing people who need to be on there. There is no proper signage for the voting station, a cardboard box and incorrect info given out. All candidates should have a handbook with the information in.

  5. From recent information I have tracked down and if other roles are in disorder like NWR then the recent AngajukKâk elections would seem to be null and void as well as councilors elections.

    Puzzling thing is there hase been no need for an election since NICG was formed so why are just the people elected by acclimation being signaled out?? The plot thickens.

  6. I ran as a candidate in the past general election in ULM and the voter's list is a mess and in fact, I still have it here on my computer. Persons who are deceased, persons who have lost their status, persons who do not live here any more are on the list that does not include any form of fixed address or telephone number. The hardest part of my campaign was knocking on people's doors to find out that the voter has passed away or has lost their status. Also, I still have yet to be reimbursed for my election financing. It is a big mess without accountability. Shame.

  7. I think its more of a mess than people think, considering it is a legal entity, most or all of the decisions made by council might have to be recinded and then have a do-over with a legitimate government, once its voted in properly. Whoever opened this can of worms will soon wish he never opened his mouth about it.