Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nain and Makkovik Approved for Coastal Enhancement Program

Funding has been approved for make-work projects for the communities of Nain and Makkovik.

The funds come through the provincial government’s Community Enhancement Program.

The funding will provide people with the hours needed in order to qualify for their employment insurance benefits.

This program will support a lot of people on the coast, especially the plant workers in Nain and Makkovik where the employees witnessed a short operational season.

The town of Makkovik has received over $25,000 under this program.

Twelve people are scheduled to start work on Monday, October 11.

They will be assisting seniors by supplying wood and snow shoveling services throughout the winter.

The Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG) has been approved for two make-work projects.

They have received $11,752.00 under the enhancement program.

The workers will build more garbage boxes and construct a chained link fence on the community’s bridge.

Almost $7, 000 has also been approved for craft development in the community.

There are 28 people who are in need of 420 hours or less to qualify for employment insurance.

The NICG expects the projects to begin Friday, October 8.

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