Friday, October 22, 2010

Government Extremely Disappointed an Agreement Was Not Reached

An industrial inquiry into the ongoing labour dispute at Voisey’s Bay will be launched unless an agreement is reached by the close of business today.

Susan Sullivan is the Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment.

She says the provincial government is disappointed that the latest rounds of negotiations broke-off so quickly.

Talks came to a halt in less than an hour during negotiations between the United Steelworkers and Vale on Wednesday.

Sullivan says that after 15 months of negotiating and bargaining, the fact that an agreement could not be reached is regrettable.

She says they have always believed that a negotiated solution is the best possible outcome.

Sullivan is encouraging both parties to use the time before the start of the inquiry to reflect on their positions and try to bring an end to the strike.

The industrial inquiry commission will be responsible to conduct a full review of the labour dispute.

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