Thursday, October 7, 2010

Man Asks RCMP for an Apology Following a Case of What He calls Mistaken Identity

A former resident of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is asking RCMP for an apology following a case of what he calls mistaken identity.

Jeremy Dyson is a resident of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

You may be familiar with the name.

We reported that a 30-year-old Jeremy Dyson was arrested in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on drug-related charges.

29-year-old Jeremy Dyson of Fort McMurray says the information given by police has led Labrador residents to believe it was him that was arrested.

He says there are at least two people from Happy Valley-Goose Bay named Jeremy Dyson.

According to Dyson, the actual Jeremy Dyson that was arrested is around 20-years-old.

Dyson has been receiving calls from family back in Labrador questioning the information distributed by RCMP.

Dyson says that he is asking for an apology from RCMP and that a correction be issued.

He adds that he has contacted Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP about the matter.

His calls were not returned.

Boyd Merrill is a Media Relations Officer with RCMP in St. John’s.

He says there is no need for an apology in this situation.

An RCMP release was issued with an incorrect age.

The release stated a 30-year-old when in fact it was a 20-year-old.

He says that it’s a far stretch to believe that it was the Jeremy Dyson in Fort McMurray.

Merrill adds the release specifies a Jeremy Dyson of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, not of Fort McMurray.

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  1. "He says that it’s a far stretch to believe that it was the Jeremy Dyson in Fort McMurray".

    A far stretch??? Is this Mr. Merrill going to sit and remain so ignorant as to how this could affect someones good reputation from such a small town as Goose Bay while he "Resides" in St. John's. I sir am from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, born and raised! I've only lived in Alberta for a few years so far. Try asking someone in Goose Bay if they know me and if they don't they will know my Grandfather. RCMP released the name of a kid with the same as I, listing the age close to 10 years older then the arrested. 9 years away from the accused age, 8 months away from my own.

    I don't mean to make light of drug use or trafficing in any way, however luckily that is what was being reported! If this had been a death, murder or drowning etc. and the RCMP had gotten the age wrong in the newspaper. I would be suing the RCMP by this point Mr. Merrill.

    Jeremy Dyson