Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Investigation into Polar Bear Death

A provincial Wildlife Officer will be investigating the death of a polar bear found outside of Nain.

Simon Kohlmeister is the Conservation Officer for Nain.

He says the polar bear carcass was found over the weekend.

A resident of Nain was on a hunting trip when he came across the lifeless bear.

Kohlmeister says the man found the bear floating in the water.

He also reported to have found a number of holes in the bear’s skin.

The man believes the holes to be entrance wounds from the bullets of a gun.

The carcass was found at Ram Tickle, an area outside of Nain.

Kohlmeister hasn’t been able to get to the location due to weather conditions.

A provincial Wildlife Officer is expected to fly into the community to assist in the investigation.

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