Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elders Conference - Day 2

An Elders Conference was held in Happy Valley-Goose bay last week.

On day two of the conference, elders were asked to talk about what an elder is.

OKalaKatigets Maria Harris was attended and spoke with many elders.

Harris spoke with Henry Broomfield, a resident of Nain.

Broomfield says he had attended Elders and Youth Conferences in the past, but not as a participant.

He says now being a participant, he met new friends and learned about their past and that if invited again, he'd be more than happy to attend.

Harris also spoke with Sam Palliser, a participant from Rigolet.

Palliser says this conference was a very interesting and sad event from hearing what other elders said.

He adds that this is a still a learning experience for himself, because this is only his second involvement with the Elders Conference.

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