Thursday, October 7, 2010

Patricia Ford Will Continue to Serve as Speaker of Nunatsiavut Assembly

Patricia Ford will continue to serve as Speaker for the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

The decision was put to a vote yesterday during a sitting of the assembly.

A motion was passed to remove Ford as Speaker of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

The assembly voted on the motion through secret ballot.

Five members voted in favour of Ford’s removal.

11 voted against.

The vote was a result of an incident this past summer.

Complaints were filed against Ford alleging that she had broken section 4.1 of the Nunatsiavut Government’s code of ethics.

That section states that a Nunatsiavut official shall not consume alcohol or illegal drugs, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, while conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

A disciplinary committee concluded that Ford did not breach that code.

The committee decided that the incident was during her time off and she was not conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

At that time, the committee recommended that Ford undergo counseling regarding the incident.


  1. didn't max blake committ his 'indiscrecion' during his off time? the double standards continue. as long as you are related to the majority of the government, you are protected and can get away with anything. its time the government leaders began acting like leaders and that starts by living lives with integrity and setting good examples for everyone to follow.

  2. To the person who posted Anonymous...

    No, haven't you been following along as to what happened? Max was in Nain on business, never showed up for the final sessions. Went to the bar drinking during those final sessions.

    As for Patricia Ford, she was actually on VACATION. That is hardly the same scenario. So stop while you're ahead...then again...that too has come and gone, like Max.

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