Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caribou Consultations Show a Cause for Concern

Recent consultations on the George River Caribou Herd have raised some concerns on the status of the herd’s population.

Rebecca Wilcott is the Nunatsiavut Government’s Director of Renewable Resources.

She says Nunatsiavut Government representatives met with the Provincial Department of Conservation and Environment last week.

They discussed the early results of a census that was carried out on the George River Caribou Herd.

Wilcott says the results show a continuing decline in the herd.

The last census showed a population of 385, 000 animals in 2001.

There are now concerns for the sustainability of the herd that saw 9,000 harvested last year.

The province indicated that potential causes for the decline include natural mortality factors such as predation and food scarcity.

Harvesting factors were also mentioned as a possible contributor.

She says the province is now looking into creating a long-term management plan to ensure the survival of the herd.

The Nunatsiavut Government is very concerned about the decline.

The government wants to ensure the safe harvesting of the caribou for current and future generations of Inuit.

Wilcott adds that the alarming information could possibly have an effect on the harvesting practices of Inuit.

The final census data will be released in November.

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  1. A big part of the George river herd went to Quebec in 1999 when they crossed Lake Melville.