Thursday, October 14, 2010

Low-Income Benefits for Seniors

It’s always a welcome bonus when the GST/HST credit arrives in people’s mailboxes.

Seniors, more than others, welcomed the latest payment.

Tom Marshall is the Minister of Finance for the Provincial Government.

He says approximately 42,500 seniors across the province received an annual benefit with their latest payment.

The benefit is available to seniors who are at least 65-years of age.

The maximum benefit given to seniors is $900.

To qualify for the maximum benefit, the recipient must have a net income of $26, 165 or less.

This is an increase of almost 13 percent from bonus that was given last year.
Seniors who make more than that were eligible for a partial benefit.

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  1. Whoever got the news on this, why didn't you ask if this will be an ongoing thing? It doesn't say anywhere if this was a one time event. Stop leaving out pieces of the puzzle, and please get the full details like any other news place would. Thanks