Monday, October 18, 2010

Reports Outline Differences Between Northern and Southern Canada

A number of reports outline the differences in living conditions between northern and southern Canada.

The reports were published by the Centre for the North.

Derrick Hynes is Director of the Centre.

He says the reports are published in hopes of shedding some light on the differences that northern and southern Canadians face.

One of those reports is “Sleeping on the Couch”.

It is done in the style of a map.

The map shows the number of overcrowded homes in different Canadian regions.

Northern Newfoundland and Labrador ranks fourth out of the northern regions with the most overcrowded homes.

This region follows northern Saskatchewan in third, northern Manitoba with the second most overcrowded homes and Nunavut in first.

14 percent of the homes in this region are reported to have six or more people living in them.

Another map is titled “Needs Major Repairs”.

This report shows the regions with homes in need of major repairs.

In this report northern Newfoundland and Labrador ranks eighth.

According to the map, eleven percent of the homes in this region are in need of major repairs.

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