Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Max Blake Removed from Office

Max Blake has been removed from office.

The decision was voted upon by the Nunatsiavut Assembly this morning in Hopedale.

Blake was given the chance to address the assembly before they voted.

15 assembly members voted in favour of removing the former Ordinary Member for Upper Lake Melville from office.

Two members voted against the decision.

The voting was done through secret ballot.

The removal required 60 percent of the assembly’s votes.

Nearly 90 percent of teh votes were in favour of Blake’s removal.

Blake’s removal is effective immediately.

The removal stems from an incident in early June.

A disciplinary committee recommended a removal from office following a disciplinary committee hearing.

The committee decided that Blake had broken the Nunatsiavut Government’s Code of Conduct by making disparaging comments against Inuit women and Inuit in general.

Blake had already been undergoing a three-month suspension regarding a separate incident.


  1. i think mr barbour should be kick out of the goverment to.if not there two sets of rules .

  2. congratulations to the memebers who voted for fairness and women's rights, I am very proud of our governmrnt today. Lets put this ugly situation behind us and deal with working with the people.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with the first comment

  4. I agree totally, one set of rules for the North Coast and one set for ULM. And who do Barbour and Ford think they are. I would like to see you all fall flat on your faces you bunch of cowards.

  5. Speaking of cowards Anonymous: Then again the premise of what you said is correct, but it is the NG that does not have the back bone to deal with the issue intelligently and fairly.

  6. For the information of the first and third commenters - the difference is that Mr. Barbour did not, and does not, make defamatory remarks about our people. Just thought I would enlighten you.

  7. In an interview with Jim Lyall on CBC he said that Barbour went to work smelling of booze, and showing up at work drunk, this happened more than once. If I showed up at my work drunk or smelling of booze I would be FIRED, I would not be hoping for a board to vote to keep me on (be great if life was like that) if I had friends on the board like Barbour does I would do it to I might get demoted but still keep a high paying job to feed my addiction.The NG. is not helping Barbour fire him and send him to DETOX (help him)