Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rigolet Residents Calling for a Salmon Fishery

Since the commercial salmon fishery was closed in Labrador in the mid-90’s, salmon stocks seem to have increased in this region.

This is evident in the community of Rigolet.

Richard Rich is a resident of Rigolet.

He says there seems to be enough salmon to have a short fishery.

After talking to fishermen and leaders in their community, they’re now turning to the Nunatsiavut Government and the Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative in hopes of creating a salmon fishery.

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  1. we do not need a salmon fishery, smarten up RICHARD, only good for the fishermen and nobodyelse, stocks will go down we benefacaries will loose our rights to fish for our families and be forced to buy from the fishermen at outrageous prices,with the cost of fuel you know dam well a salmon will be costly.also that is why the stocks are up because ther is no salmon fishery.....