Monday, October 4, 2010

Talks Broken Off

Talks between the United Steelworkers and Vale have broken off.

The announcement was made this morning.

A provincially -appointed mediator, Bill Wells, couldn’t help the two sides come to an agreement.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador assigned the mediator for this round of negotiations.

The strike started in August 2009.

The strike has now lasted over 14 months.

According to Vale, there are no plans to return to the table as of yet.

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  1. Then the Federal Gov't gives them some cash. Even Nunatsiavut Gov't is working hard against hard working Inuit Workers- Check Radio Briefs Tuesday, June 8, 2010. It's an uphill battle for sure, but strikers I admire your resolve and determination and you are a role model for people and while you are persecuted financially and emotionally, you still have the tenacity to do what is right. Now that's the definition of righteous. Good Work Steelworkers.