Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thieves Broke-In to Nain LIDC Office Over the Weekend

Thieves managed to break-in to the LIDC Office in Nain over the weekend.

Constable James Barter is with the Nain RCMP detachment.

He says the office was broken into sometime between midnight and 2:30am on Sunday, October 10.

The thieves managed to get away with various items.

Among the items was a safe owned by Parks Canada.

Parks Canada rents office space from the LIDC.

The safe was recovered that same afternoon in the Middle Path Road area.

The thieves did not manage to open the safe.

Barter says the incident is still under investigation.

The Nain RCMP has no suspects at this time.

Barter would like to encourage anybody with any information on the matter to come forward to the Nain RCMP.

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