Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VANOC Update

Morrall Blake is currently out in Whistler, B.C. as a Volunteer for the Olympics.

He has been sending us updates via email about what he’s been busy with during the Games.

Blake says since our last update he has been the escort for Olympic Gold Medalist for the Women’s Skeleton, Amy Williams of Great Britain.

He also has had the pleasure to meet Jon Montgomery of Canada! Olympic Gold Medalist for the Men’s Skeleton.

He has seen the band ‘Stereos’ perform in the control room, but didn’t have the opportunity to be acquainted.

Blake says that he had to escort the young men cross country skiers to an interview, as well.

He adds that the skiers had set some sort of Canadian Record.

That is all Blake had for us this time, but keep tuning into OKâlaKatiget radio for further updates of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver!

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