Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Skills Instructors PT2

Yesterday we gave an update on the three Life Skills Instructors on the north coast.

This morning we spoke to Pauline Dicker, the life skills instructor for Jens Haven Memorial School in Nain.

Dicker says for the first time this year, she started teaching life skills at the Primary School.

She says the students from K-3 are sewing teddy bears at the moment.

Pauline also teaches life skills at the high school.

The students in grade 4 are sewing canvas beaded bags.

Grade 5’s are making duffle purses.

The grade 6’s are making duffle beaded vests.

Cross stitching for grade 7’s.

Grade 8’s are rug hooking.

And students in grade 9 are making tea dolls.

Once the students are done with their item they take it home.

Jessie Lane is the life skills instructor for BL Morrison school in Postville.

She teaches her students how make dream catchers and art work.

They make silapaks, dickies, and fish bags.

Slippers and bead work too.

Students grades 9 and up go on an Outdoor Living event.

They go berry picking, and set rabbit snares.

They snowshoe, and learn to make a fire.

Last year the grade 9-12 students sewed a tent.

They still use it when they go out on the land.

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