Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Richard Rich's Power Outage

A week ago Monday, February the 8th, just before 9 am, Richard Rich’s family in Rigolet was interrupted by a loud bang.

Richard Rich says this happened while he was out and his son was at home when their television blew up. They weren’t sure what happened but they ended up having no power for over a week.

With the weather being the way it is, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro finally got to Rigolet yesterday and restored their power.

Hydro had told Rich that a ground wire on a pole connected to his house had given out.

Rich added his radio and telephone also burned out along with his television.

Other appliances like his freezer and refrigerator seemed okay.

When asked if Hydro will reimburse him for his busted radio, telephone and television, Rich said he’s been told to take inventory of what was damaged.

Rich would like to thank the people of Rigolet for all their help in washing their clothes and for their family being able to go for showers.

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