Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Name for TV Series

The Television department at OKâlaKatigêt Society held a contest since January to look for a name for the new TV series to replace Labradorimiut.

We spoke to Olivia Edmunds, a TV producer and Leah Ikkusek who is the new Executive Director for OKâlaKatigêt Society.

Edmunds says they did extend the contest for a week.

She says they received 20 suggestions from all Nunatsiavut communities including the high school and the College of North Atlantic in Nain.

The OKâlaKatiget staff and one board member from OKâlaKatiget did a polling review for the 20 suggestions which were sent in.

The top 4 remaining names were: Labrador Spirit, Labrador Adventures, The pride of Labrador and Tamânevugut: we are here.

The winning entry chosen was Tamânevugut which means “we are here” in English.

The lucky winner is May Flowers of Nain she won herself a cash prize for her suggestion.

Edmunds and Ikkusek would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. It was a very hard decision to pick the winner.

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