Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls' Day Update

The first girl’s day meeting was held in Nain yesterday Monday February 22nd 2010.

Katie Solomon is the Captain for the Nain Young Girl’s day celebration.

Solomon says she is planning another meeting tomorrow Wednesday February 24th 2010 at the Community Hall at 3:30.

She says 10 girls attended the meeting. There are 3 new comers.

There is a fee for the first timers of an amount of $15 and the other have to pay $25. All proceeds go to food and prizes for the activities.

List of items needed for the first timers: a red or pink dress, nasâtsuk/church cap, akulik, red or pink ribbon, blazer, kamiks and tights.

The 3 young ladies who are celebrating for the first time are Christa Angnatok, Lillian Pijogge, and Roxanne Andersen. The others are Elizabeth Dicker, Katie Solomon, Sandra Solomon, and Lizzie Okkuatsiak, Sarah Kohlmeister, Sherilyn Solomon, and Annie Solomon.

Solomon says she is hoping that everyone will show up tomorrow for the next meeting.

So far they have three volunteers. Sue Maggo and Kitty Flowers are the cooks and Jimmy Dyson is the pijik.

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