Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hopedale Fire

Early Monday morning of last week, a house fire broke out in the town of Hopedale.

Sybil Hunter & Mike Goudie were staying in the house at the time.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and both people escaped the fire without any injuries.

Although the two escaped the fire, nothing from the house could be salvaged.

Lavinia Ford is the District Assistant for the Nain RCMP Detachment.

She says she received an email from Clara Winters of the Hopedale RCMP Detachment seeking donations.

Donations requested are: men’s and women’s clothing, groceries and various household items for the couple.

What they’re looking for in clothing size for women is: 30 for pants, 8 for boots and either medium or large sized shirts.

And for the men’s: size 29 for pants, 10 for boots and medium sized shirts.

Donations for food and household items such as blankets and kitchenware are also being accepted.

The same email that was sent to Ford was also forwarded onto all of the remaining RCMP Detachments in the Labrador District.

Now as to the how the fire started, Winters says the cause is still unknown.

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